Waxdale Facility – Low Carbon Energy Master Plan

In operation for over 60 years, SC Johnson’s Waxdale Facility is the company’s largest manufacturing operation worldwide. With a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption, and waste, SC Johnson has operated two wind turbines at Waxdale for a decade, producing 8 million kWh of electricity and eliminating 6,000 metric tons of carbon emissions annually. Waxdale’s cogeneration plant is largely powered using waste methane from a nearby public landfill.

Salas O’Brien is providing energy analysis, economic analysis, and carbon emission reduction models to take Waxdale to near carbon zero status. At 2.2 million square feet, Waxdale includes manufacturing lines for sixteen finished products. Our strategy of transitioning both building and process thermal loads from steam or high temperature hot water to low temperature hot water will allow ground source heat pumps to supply requisite energy, thereby eliminating need for supplemental natural gas. SC Johnson is also exploring the introduction of largescale PV energy on the Waxdale site.

Completion Year



2.2 million square feet