We offer our clients long-term services at any stage of a building’s life

Salas O’Brien’s building science group is expertise based on years of experience. Our industry-leading and extensive knowledge of building science principles, systems, and components allows us to provide clients with cost-effective, innovative, and durable design solutions.

We provide services that include building envelope consulting for both new and existing structures; restoration and rehabilitation services; physical condition assessments; reserve fund studies and performance audits; feasibility studies; energy modeling; sustainability consulting services; and consulting and testing for performance-based rating systems.

Restoration and rehabilitation
Restoration and rehabilitation

Are you ready to bring your building or structure back to peak condition?

Salas O’Brien can provide rehabilitation and restoration services for your existing parking garages, bridges, and all types of buildings and structures. We specialize in providing extensive visual investigations and assessments, and can quickly respond to situations that need immediate attention.

How do we extend the life of a building or structure?
Our restoration experts have extensive knowledge of construction materials and their durability. We are able to assess damages and deterioration through investigation, sampling, and non-destructive testing, and then develop appropriate solutions. Our solutions include providing design, specifications, tendering, and contract administration.

Physical assessment
Physical assessment

We can help reduce uncertainty regarding your building or structure

Salas O’Brien provides comprehensive condition assessments to help reduce the uncertainty of potential component or system failures in your building or structure. Our team will work to identify any risks that may not be initially observed, while also providing a way to track the condition of the building and plan for future capital expenditures.

Our suite of services includes an analysis of various components such as site pavement/parking, building structure, building envelope, roofing, vertical transportation, and mechanical and electrical systems compliance, as well as fire protection/life safety systems.

The end result is a detailed report that outlines the condition of the building and its compliance with building codes and standards. We provide customized strategies to extend the life of the building’s systems and a comprehensive list of components to help reduce capital and equipment costs. Additionally, we offer an estimate of where components are in their life cycle to assist with future planning.

Performance-based ratings systems
Performance-based ratings systems

Need a partner in delivering your green building?

Salas O’Brien has a long, proven track record working with clients to design and deliver sustainable building approaches. We have significant experience in sustainable project management including LEED project management and certification, WELL building consulting and performance testing, Green Globes Certification, and multiple state and city sustainability programs.

Our data-driven and methodical approach allows our consultants to provide the best strategy for determining and achieving certification for your project or organization.

Special projects
Special projects

Unique project demand engineering based on artistic vision

Salas O’Brien is capable of supporting clients through any special projects that require equal attention paid to aesthetics and structure. Our portfolio of working with leading artists speaks for itself.

A team defined by experience
At the core of our special projects group lies expertise based on years of experience within the structural consultancy. Extensive knowledge of structural principles, systems, and components allows us to provide clients with durable design solutions for short and long term installations.

Our team is poised and ready to take on any project!

What we can offer

From initial consultation to full specification and construction facilitation, we offer a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

Building envelope consulting

Salas O’Brien provides design, construction, and maintenance services related to the building envelope, including energy efficiency, moisture resistance, and durability.

Restoration and rehabilitation services

Salas O’Brien provides consulting and design to repair or upgrade existing structures to improve their functionality, safety, and appearance.

Physical condition assessments

Salas O’Brien provides inspection of a building or structure to evaluate its condition and identify any potential issues or defects.

Waterproofing & roofing

Salas O’Brien offers expertise in virtually all types of roofing and waterproofing systems, including specialized expertise in condensation, cold storage, moisture surveys, wind damage resolution, drainage concerns, hygrothermal analysis (WUFI) and rooftop solar PV.

Reserve fund studies and performance audits

Salas O’Brien helps property management entities to assess their building’s financial health and identify potential areas of improvement.

Consulting and testing for performance-based rating systems

Our consultants can help you achieve performance-based rating systems such as LEED, WELL, BOMA Best, and CHPS. We work with you in schematic design to develop the best strategy to achieve certification. We aid our clients through the entire certification process acting as one cohesive team. We can also provide testing and ongoing commissioning services for reporting and verification.

Sustainability consulting services

Salas O’Brien can identify opportunities to reduce a building’s environmental impact, improve energy efficiency, and enhance overall sustainability. We have significant experience in sustainable project management including LEED project management and certification, WELL building consulting and performance testing, BOMA Best, Green Globes Certification, and multiple state and city sustainability programs.

Energy modeling

Salas O’Brien can simulate and analyze energy performance of buildings or systems to optimize efficiency, reduce energy costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Feasibility studies

Salas O’Brien can evaluate the potential costs, benefits, and risks of a proposed project, including new construction or renovation work, to determine its impact and financial viability.