You always want to avoid an unexpected outage

Our customers trust us to help plan capital projects and keep their facilities running efficiently. Maintenance costs are more than just parts, our engineers provide solutions with a focus on ease of access, reducing labor time and saving you money.

What we can offer

From initial consultation to full specification and construction facilitation, we offer a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

Detailed maintenance services

With Salas O’Brien’s preventative maintenance services, we help clients avoid costly repairs by identifying and fixing issues before they become major problems. Our inventory management services help clients have the right materials on hand when they need them, while our inventory auditing services help clients track and manage inventory more effectively. These services can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

Procurement services

Salas O’Brien will design and procur the equipment you need making sure it is delivered on the correct timeline and all works efficiently in your facility.

Specialized machine design

Salas O’Brien will customize off-the-shelf machinery to facilitate affordable solutions for your unique context.

End of service planning

Salas O’Brien works with you on end of service planning and life cycle analysis for your existing equipment working with you to know when to repair and when to invest in new equipment.