Engineering reliable and efficient energy networks

The move towards decarbonization is creating new demand on the nation’s electrical distribution network. As individuals and organizations move away from fossil fuels for their energy needs, the demand for clean reliable electric energy delivery is increasing.

Salas O’Brien provides expertise in the design of electrical distribution networks. Our capabilities include the design of high voltage transmission interconnects, and distribution substations. Additionally, our experts provide expertise evaluating and updating our client’s installed base of transformers, switchgear, and other distribution components.

We serve public and private markets to deliver projects using design-build, design-assist, EPC contracting, and traditional bid-build models.

What we can offer

Salas O’Brien offers a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

Utility substation design

Salas O’Brien offers utility substation design services for both new/greenfield installations and retrofits of existing brownfield sites. Our team specializes in protection and controls design to promote efficient and reliable operations of the substation.

Plant power system design

Salas O’Brien specializes in plant power system design, including primary and secondary distribution systems and switchgear. We design efficient and reliable power systems that meet the unique needs of each plant for uninterrupted operations.

Utility power system design

Salas O’Brien provides utility power system design services for municipal power distribution systems, including emergency and black/back-up power systems. We also specialize in power plant black start and coping power design for uninterrupted power supply to critical infrastructure in the event of a power outage.

Power System Studies

Salas O’Brien provides infrared assessments, load studies and summaries, and arc flash hazard analysis to keep your team safe and compliant.

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