We help our clients leverage emerging technology to keep them competitive

Our clients are constantly challenged with constrained budgets and by keeping up with rapidly evolving technology advancements that can vastly improve their performance and ability to compete. Salas O’Brien aligns our advanced technology and industrial robotic applications business line services to provide solutions that help tackle these challenges.

While technology solutions are emerging every day, Salas O’Brien specializes in matching specific technology advancements into full application across our client organizations. We have extensive experience as an automation and robotics designer and integrator, including material handling systems, facility efficiency monitoring via Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), and manufacturing automation.



Jon VernauPrincipal, Salas O’Brien
Salas O’Brien keeps our clients on the cutting edge of technology advancement by integrating our technical and financial expertise in combination with our strong relationships with top Universities and teaming partners across the world. We remain committed to advance this business line in an effort to address our clients’ greatest mission needs and technology application solutions now and well into the future.
Jon VernauPrincipal, Salas O’Brien
Our experience
Salas O’Brien robotic engineers, Jordan Himes and Job Bedford, meticulously complete the wiring of an ARMOR 1 lifting assembly.
Our experience

Salas O’Brien is providing innovation for federal and military clients

Our team focuses on integrating existing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) automation and robotic technologies into holistic solutions that meet our clients’ specific applications. As necessary, our team can develop prototype systems that operate alongside legacy processes to ensure a seamless integrated solution. Specifically, Salas O’Brien is developing, designing, and constructing some of the largest advanced robotics solutions for Department of Defense (DoD).

We are also breaking ground with advanced pilot studies as we align third party financing for the beneficial reuse of dredge material at major ports across the world. Salas O’Brien works with DoD clients to pilot advanced analytic solutions to support energy resiliency by remotely monitoring energy intensity, identifying energy savings, and supporting predictive maintenance at installations. We were selected for a CSO contract by the U.S. Air Force that offers innovative approaches to helping the DoD, Military, and their families with improved communications by leveraging 5G networks.

What we can offer

Salas O’Brien offers a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results. Our advanced technologies and solutions group can help you innovate and implement a wide array of technologies including industrial robotics, digital twins, IoT, sensors and other automations.

Industrial robotics and robotics manufacturing

Industrial automation

Salas O’Brien designs and implements advanced control systems and automation technologies to improve the efficiency and performance of industrial processes.

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Sensor integration and perception

Salas O’Brien helps clients leverage sensor data to develop systems that are intelligent, responsive, and efficient.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) and computer-based control systems for automation

Development of graphical user interfaces

Software architecture development, integration, and advanced database management

Systems Integration for complete process automation

AR / VR / Digital twins

Manufacturing, fabrication & assembly

Energy and maintenance IOT solutions

5G as a service

Beneficial reuse

Strategic procurement