Economies of scale, eliminating carbon

District energy systems, often including cogeneration, provide community-size areas of buildings with heating and cooling from renewable ground-source energy, establishing the basis for electrification.

Dramatically improving efficiency, aggregating the loads of urban areas, residential developments, industrial sites, and the campuses of college, universities, corporations, hospitals, and research institutions is a highly effective means of decarbonization. Salas O’Brien creates reliable, resilient, and sustainable district systems combining economical electrified thermal networks, thermal storage, energy recovery, cogeneration, and clean energy management.

What we can offer

Salas O’Brien provides a wide variety of engineering and technical services to meet the demands of this high-performance sector.

Feasibility and master planning

Salas O’Brien provides energy demand analysis, site analysis, energy supply options, and can provide environmental impact analysis. Once feasibility is complete, the master plan outlines the system’s design, construction, and operation, as well as any necessary infrastructure improvements or modifications.

Energy modeling and life cycle cost analysis

Salas O’Brien provides computer simulations of energy systems to predict their performance. We can also evaluate the financial feasibility of an energy system over its lifetime.

Central energy plant and distribution system design

Salas O’Brien provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure the successful design, implementation, and operation of central energy plant and distribution systems, tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and the project.

Geothermal heat exchanger and thermal energy storage design

Salas O’Brien provides geothermal heat exchanger and thermal energy storage design to create highly efficient and sustainable heating and cooling systems.