Geothermal Campus System

Over half of America has its health records on Epic software. Epic’s 10,000+ employees work across 8 million square feet on a 1,100-acre property divided into five campuses.

When the geothermal system supporting Epic’s first buildings needed troubleshooting, Salas O’Brien came on board, subsequently completing master plan work and, to date, designing and implementing a renewable energy system that includes: four borefields totaling 6,200 bores at depths from 300 to 500 feet; a 5.8-acre pond of 1,296 loops averaging 600 ft; an 18,000 GPM open loop system; and, a central pump station that transfers energy among buildings, distribution energy plants, ponds, and borefields. Renewable energy sources include 1.5 MW solar PV and 10 MW wind generation. Our engineers are onsite full-time as an integral part of Epic’s energy and engineering team.

Completion Year



8 million square feet