We work with clients to privatize electrical, water, natural gas, and sewer ultility services.

Salas O’Brien provides technical and strategic support to governments and private entities in the process of transferring ownership and control of utilities from the public to the private sector

Our goal and promise to our clients is to enhance the benefits by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the quality of services. With our industry-specific comprehensive legal framework, dedicated team of experts, and focus on best practices, we position clients to achieve their goals.


What we can offer
What we can offer

Our team of professionals provides the highest level of service.

Our team oversees a comprehensive set of requirements and procedures for privatizing utility systems, including post-execution management, technical review of privatized system performance, and assessment of installation utility assets for future privatization. Our transparent and measured approach ensures that conveyed utilities on installations meet objectives and industry standards for privatized utilities.

Additionally, we execute overall portfolio management and optimization, focusing on technical evaluation, portfolio optimization, analysis of existing installations and privatizations, and a common baseline for evaluating a program’s performance.

We focus on the critical elements that portfolio management must assess, including overall goals, timing, tolerance for risk, cost/price, interdependencies, budget, and changes in the enterprise environment over time.
Patrick Giardina, CEM-PMPVice President

We have a dedicated team who specialize in federal and military clients.

Salas O’Brien’s professional contract support services works with federal and military clients to actively privatize electrical, water, natural gas, and sewer systems to transfer risk, operation, and maintenance, leverage private sector innovation while modernizing utility infrastructure, and free up resources to be applied to the mission of national defense and economic growth.

We evaluate each facility’s utility systems, real property, condition assessments, distribution, O&M life cycle costs, maintenance and operation procedures, and resource accounting to ensure compliance with guidance and directives. Our portfolio methodology aggregates the goals of the program and determines the right-sized resource investment to improve program performance and stability over its life cycle.