We are your industrial manufacturing project execution partner

Salas O’Brien offers a variety of scalable contracting and execution models to deliver the best value strategy for your manufacturing project’s success. We provide a nimble construction management professional team that makes your project their passion.  We build our strategy around your business objectives and provide you with key information, at the right time, to make informed decisions. Our industrialbased construction managers, procurement professionals, and industrial safety experts understand the requirements of highly regulated industries.   

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What we can offer

From initial consultation to full specification and construction facilitation, we offer a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

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Project management services

Salas O’Brien’s project management expertise ensures every project is guided by skilled professionals dedicated to meeting your specific objectives from inception to completion. We meticulously manage the schedule and oversee all on-site activities to ensure seamless execution and adherence to project plans. 

A key focus of our approach is budget and cost trending, allowing us to provide you with accurate financial forecasts and control costs effectively. Our contracting and procurement processes are streamlined and strategic, to acquire resources optimal costs and conditions. We place great emphasis on vendor qualification, bidding, and selection, so contractors and suppliers meet our high standards for quality and reliability. 

Quality control is at the heart of our construction management philosophy, so all project aspects meet or exceed the required standards. Additionally, safety management is a top priority, as we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety on all project sites.  

Owner's representative services

Salas O’Brien understands the critical importance of having a reliable and expert representative overseeing your construction projects to prioritize your interests and realize your vision.  

We provide comprehensive budget and schedule oversight, and bidding process management, so you get the best value without compromising quality. Our procurement services are streamlined and efficient, securing the necessary materials and services while optimizing cost and quality. 

Code compliance is another key focus area, so construction activities adhere to relevant regulations and standards. We proactively engage in risk mitigation strategies, identifying potential challenges and developing solutions to address them effectively.  

Our approach is comprehensive, covering construction phases, from initial planning to final execution. This includes detailed construction planning and laying the groundwork for a successful project through strategic planning and coordination. 

Preconstruction services

Preconstruction services lay the groundwork for success. We begin by conducting an in-depth project feasibility study to evaluate all aspects of your proposed project, including site analysis, resource availability, and project objectives outlining preliminary budgets and schedules. We identify potential risks and hazards associated with your project, formulating strategies to mitigate them effectively.

We can navigate the complexities of permitting in compliance with local regulations and standards. This includes coordinating with relevant authorities and managing all the paperwork, relieving you of this administrative burden. 

Vendor qualifications form an integral part of our preconstruction services. We rigorously evaluate potential vendors and contractors on quality, reliability, and adherence to schedules and budgets. 


We know that safety is paramount in all your operations. We can verify site safety compliance, provide a safety representative and develop construction-safe work plans.