We solve the energy, packaging, building, and resource challenges that face industrial manufacturing facilities

Salas O’Brien has served as a leading engineering partner to the manufacturing industry for several decades. We understand the complex requirements and systems associated with manufacturing work. Providing innovative solutions for your most complex projects is at the forefront of our processes.

Our capabilities include balance of plant design services for clients who desire to design their own processes and need design assistance associated with their site, building, utilities and process interconnections.

Our diverse and talented team executes projects around the world supporting the chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, automotive, oil and gas, and consumer products industries.

What we can offer

Salas O’Brien provides a wide variety of engineering and technical services to meet the demands of this high-performance sector.

Process engineering

Salas O’Brien’s process teams specialize in the equipment, systems and methods that transform raw materials into finished products. We solve complex problems and deliver solutions.

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Balance of plant

Salas O’Brien provides the necessary engineering support for the installation and integration of various systems in power generation plants, such as power distribution systems and cooling water systems.

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Digital & automation

We design the technologies that enable the implementation of your project from the main power supply of your plant to the control of your processes and production lines; from a simple operator interface to the acquisition and management system of revenue and inventory.

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Packaging systems

Salas O’Brien’s specialists has deep experience in all types of packaging, which guarantees the quality and diversity of our services.

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Operations & management

Salas O’Brien provides support to ensure that equipment and systems are properly maintained, operated, and optimized for peak performance and reliability.

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Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection

Salas O’Brien’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design team delivers common-sense, integrated design solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, and energy efficient.

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Bulk material handling

Salas O’Brien provides design and engineering services to optimize the movement of materials through various industrial processes, such as mining, milling, and manufacturing.

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