Fab 10 Building Commissioning

Salas O’Brien partnered with Global Foundries, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, to provide building envelope commissioning services for the Fab 10 building, an existing semiconductor fabrication plant. This project involved adding 24,000 square feet of new roof membrane and 14,000 square feet of new insulated metal panel siding to the existing envelope construction.

A unique challenge faced by the team involved integrating new and existing construction materials and methods to create a seamless and continuous building envelope. The insulated metal wall panels served as all four primary control layers: air, water, vapor, and thermal, leaving no margin for error when constructing the transition details. Despite the complexity, we provided solutions that were constructible and ensured a high-performance building for the client.

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$280 million


38,000 square feet

Project Partners

Whiting Turner Company