Millberry Union East Building

Salas O’Brien’s exceptional roofing and waterproofing consulting services have transformed two of the University of San Francisco’s (UCSF) occupied buildings – Millberry Union East and Millberry Union West from leaky to well protected under 30-year warranties.

Our team designed new roofs, rooftop mechanical systems, railings, and coordinated with the designers of a large cellular telecommunications platform to restore these old leaky roofs at UCSF. We designed solutions for ponding, missing overflow drains, leaky wall louvers, corroded steel, lack of overflow drains, upgraded insulation to meet current Code, and inadequate flashings on both towers. Work at the West tower was complicated by hazardous materials in the existing roofing requiring abatement. Our team also provided construction administration services during renovation as multiple trades worked on the roofs concurrently, including full-time observation/reporting services on the East tower. Thanks to Salas O’Brien’s commitment to quality, both buildings are shining examples of the best practices in roofing and waterproofing design.

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$1.7 million


14,000 square feet (rooftop)
410,000 square feet (building)