Campus Crossroads Expansion

This tremendous series of expansions and additions to the iconic football stadium, constituting the most significant building project in Notre Dame’s history, features three new buildings bringing together academics, athletics, and student life. The student center is located on the west side, the anthropology and psychology departments and digital media center on the east side, and the music and sacred music departments on the south side, with the side facing Hesburgh Library remaining unchanged. As one of the most centrally located sites on campus, this endeavor seeks to make the beloved stadium a hub for academic and student life all year round.

To prepare the site for the new construction, Salas O’Brien relocated major direct buried campus utilities including chilled water, domestic and fire services, gas services, primary electric and telecommunications. The project required the relocation of approximately 1,100 feet of utility tunnel that houses high pressure and low pressure steam, condensate, domestic hot water, and fire alarm systems. The storm drainage system was designed to utilize the current campus master plan sustainable stormwater criteria.

Combined, there are more than 836,000 square feet of teaching, research, performance, student life, and recreation spaces. Our design incorporates cutting-edge digital media resources and an improved game-day experience.

Completion Year



836,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$400 million

Project Partner

The SLAM Collaborative

Project Photography

Robert Benson

The addition of these three new buildings – Corbett Family Hall, O’Neill Hall and Duncan Student Center – creates remarkable opportunities for us to advance Notre Dame’s mission as a place of teaching and research, education of the whole person, faith turned to service, and community.
Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.President, University of Notre Dame