We help our clients meet their sustainability goals while maximizing their operational efficiency

Salas O’Brien began our firm with a focus on clean energy. Our deeply experienced environmental engineers and consultants provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We lead innovation in decarbonization for campuses and neighborhoods. We also understand that every organization faces its own set of environmental challenges, which is why we offer a range of services.

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What we can offer

From initial consultation to full specification and construction facilitation, we offer a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

Environmental impact assessments

Salas O’Brien’s team conducts thorough assessments to identify potential environmental risks associated with new developments, ensuring that clients are fully compliant with all applicable regulations.

Environmental compliance

Salas O’Brien Environmental Professionals provide a full range of environmental compliance services to support the investigation and identification of potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities.

Environmental management services

Environmental management is the practical application of procedures and processes to protect the health of the natural world given applicable regulations. Salas O’Brien’s services include:

  • Multi-Media Regulatory Compliance Assessments and Improvement Plans
  • Pollution Prevention (P2) Plans
  • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
  • Integrated Contingency Plans
  • Development of Recordkeeping and Reporting Systems
  • Development of Compliance Guides, Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP)
  • Accidental Release Risk Management Plan Preparation
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Compliance
  • Hazardous Waste and Tank Inspections
  • Environmental Audit Inspections and Recommendations

Emerging contaminants / PFAS

Salas O’Brien provides consulting services for emerging contaminants such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). We are working with our clients to make decisions on the next steps to address past releases of PFAS in order to protect human health and the environment now and in the future.

Energy and water management

Salas O’Brien provides comprehensive solutions to help clients optimize their energy and water usage, minimizing their environmental footprint and reduce costs.

Environmental acoustic studies

Salas O’Brien provides research of local noise regulation and performs predictive modeling and onsite testing to report on acoustics within an environment. We design strategies for noise mitigation including facade design, property grading, construction of berms, barriers, and enclosures, recommendations for operational measures.

Sustainability certification consulting

Salas O’Brien provides consulting for LEED, WELL, Fitwel, SITES, Living Building Challenge, and Parksmart.

Permitting and compliance

Salas O’Brien guides clients through the complex process of obtaining necessary permits and remaining in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.

Waste management and remediation

Salas O’Brien helps clients manage their waste streams, implementing sustainable solutions to reduce waste and remediate contaminated sites.

WELL Performance Testing

Every WELL project is verified through on-site testing, which takes place post-occupancy. We are a verified WELL Performance Testing Organization for WELL v2 as endorsed by IWBI. We work directly with reviewers at GBCI to provide test results for your project during the WELL certification process. Our WELL Performance Testing Agents are also available to perform on-site pre-testing services to see if your building is performing as it was designed prior to WELL Performance Testing.