Future Base Design

Future Base Design (FBD) is a first-of-its-kind project for Naval Facilities Command Mid-Atlantic. The project is an innovative delivery initiative transforming, optimizing, and modernizing installation capabilities and resiliency while reducing total ownership cost and footprint. FBD will utilize public-private-partnerships (P3) to address unfunded base facilities’ operational and infrastructure requirements by maximizing approximately 1,100 acres of underutilized land. As the owner’s agent, our team oversees business case development, site/opportunity identification, P3 authorization alignment, environmental compliance, facilitation/partnership development, and negotiations. Anticipated projects planned for the base exceed $5 billion in construction cost, including off-shore wind power, on-base solar power, telecommunications, retail, and recreation development.

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$1.8 million

Under the Future Based Design concept, NAS Oceana, in partnership with the City of Virginia Beach, is looking to lease underutilized land to private businesses in exchange for in-kind consideration that can be directed toward much-needed building maintenance and other infrastructure projects on the installation. This partnership is a great example of why the Navy is proud to call Virginia Beach and all of Hampton Roads home.
CAPT Bob HolmesNAS Oceana Commanding Officer

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