P-111 Armory

Our team collaborated with the US Marine Corps to design the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for a new armory at Camp Pendleton. We designed the facility to LEED Silver standards and to outperform ASHRAE 90.1-2007 standards by 30%. We took special care to ensure that the building would be energy efficient, secure against anti-terrorism force protection, and adequately regulate humidity within the interior environment. Our design incorporated technological solutions such as an emergency generator, an uninterruptible power supply, direct digital controls, and a stainless steel waterproof enclosure for external gear. We also considered building orientation, daylighting design strategies, HVAC systems, and advanced control technology for optimal usage of energy resources to pass LEED certifications. As a result, our team provided a comprehensive energy system that allowed Camp Pendleton’s new armory to become an efficient and safe building that could withstand military operations’ rigors.

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$4.4 million


6,200 square feet


LEED Silver