Revetment Mission

Salas O’Brien’s team of revetment experts conducted an overall evaluation of the ACM Revetment mission. The current processes of the revetment mission are complex and require intensive multidiscipline support, creating a significant amount of room for error and time burdens. Accordingly, we conducted an efficiency analysis of the current process of designing the Mat Sinking Unit’s Schedule. Through interviews and research, we created an interface that automated the scheduling and estimated the cost of the Mat Sinking Unit, Mat Loading Unit, Bank Grading Unit, Clearing and Snagging, and Mat Towing.

The resulting model increased efficiency and allowed sensitivity analysis of potential start dates, operational sites, and unit logistics. We also conducted a lifecycle planning, economic analysis, and feasibility study for an ACM stack lifting frame. As part of this study, the team developed a prototype design for an ACM stack lifting frame to minimize impacts on touchpoints, maximize ergonomics for stack handling, and optimize the integration with new and existing revetment equipment.

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Project Partners

Stell Environmental, G2EC Engineering