Edwards Air Force Base Photovoltaic & Battery Storage Program

Salas O’Brien provided an energy resilience technical and economic feasibility study as well as an environmental impact statement and environmental investigative report, for the Department of Defense (DOD) at Edwards Air Force Base. The report enabled the DOD to decide on an industrial-scale project that would provide renewable energy and increase energy resiliency.

The feasibility study conducted by our team included several components to identify the most viable solution for providing power for nearby homes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing energy resiliency. These components included industry and regulatory interviews, analysis of the existing utility system, real estate options, and utilization of in-kind funds generated from the project for energy resiliency efforts at the base. Edwards Air Force Base is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 800,000 metric tons annually while providing power for up to 238,000 nearby homes.


Energy & Resiliency

Completion Year



$2.1 billion


metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions reduced annually
nearby homes powered