We are experts in how sound energy behaves within, without, and through a space.

Salas O’Brien is recognized as one of the best in design and consulting for acoustics, sound isolation, and noise control. From the high-end design of venues for music to solving challenging environmental noise issues, we are leaders in acoustic modeling, planning, design, and construction.

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What we can offer

From initial consultation to full specification and construction facilitation, we offer a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver, and you need the best acoustic results.

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Acoustic testing

Salas O’Brien has experts skilled in advanced computer modeling in programs such as Sound Plan, AIM, INSUL, and EASE. We utilize Type 1 sound level measuring equipment with current calibration certificates. We provide:

  • Testing of noise transmission—both airborne and structure-borne—including ASTC, AIIC, DTC, AOITC, CNEL and LDNs
  • Environmental noise studies including logging and frequency-based
  • Compliance testing for municipal noise ordinances
  • Noise exposure for factories and industrial applications. (OSHA)
  • Predictive testing and design work for CHPS, HIPPA, LEED, and WELL.

Room Acoustics

Salas O’Brien provides recommendations package of finish materials, surface shaping, and other design considerations to control and direct sound energy within a space.

Sound Isolation

Salas O’Brien provides design to prevent the transfer of sound between spaces to achieve the best results.

Noise and Vibration Control

Salas O’Brien provides diagnostics and mitigation of noise and vibration from mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Environmental Acoustics

Salas O’Brien provides research of local noise regulation and performs predictive modeling and onsite testing to report on acoustics within an environment. We design strategies for noise mitigation including facade design, property grading, construction of berms, barriers, and enclosures, recommendations for operational measures.