We have solutions for the widening gap between resources and requirements

Salas O’Brien helps clients obtain resources and funding to take advantage of new technology, improve safety, repair or replace old infrastructure, make better use of existing assets, and become more efficient. Our asset management services include planning for new infrastructure, implementing it, and coming up with strategies for what to do with it when done making sure you get the most value out of what you own.

John Carroll, PESVP, Capital Asset Management Services
We have a large group of engineers and professionals who perform facility condition assessments and capital asset management services for a broad array of clients – from NIH and NIST to the Army Corp of Engineers and commercial clients. Our CAMS team is extremely flexible, deploys quickly, and conducts themselves with professionalism while minimizing impacts to our clients operations while on site.
John Carroll, PESVP, Capital Asset Management Services

What we offer

Salas O’Brien offers a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

Facility condition assessments

Salas O’Brien is deeply experienced in Facility Condition Assessments using various platforms ranging from BUILDER SMS to commercial software and integrated work management platforms. We help those responsible for the upkeep of buildings and infrastructure understand their component inventory, remaining useful life, and replacement costs while leveraging our analytical capabilities to prioritize where to allocate limited resources.

Cost segregation studies

A Cost Segregation Study (CSS) is an in-depth study of new construction or existing property renovation. A CSS analyzes new or existing property and optimally classifies depreciable assets to generate cash flow tax savings. Salas O’Brien identifies assets eligible for accelerated depreciation so the property owner can realize faster recovery of capitalized costs and near-term tax savings.

Cost Segregation Studies identify, segregate, and reclassify project-related costs currently classified as real property to shorter depreciable tax lives.

Facility condition index (FCI) calculations

Federal government agencies must report various metrics about their facilities, with the Facility Condition Index (FCI) being a key measure. Salas O’Brien can help calculate the ratio of deferred maintenance costs—essentially, the repair and renovation projects that would be funded in an ideal budget scenario—to the total replacement value of a building.

Deferred maintenance (DM) calculations

Salas O’Brien has a team of experts who provide detailed and parametric DM estimates. The USACE developed BUILDER approach is one of two GSA approved parametric means and we’ve been providing BUILDER facility condition assessments (FCA) since 2013. We are also on the leading edge of NASA’s approach, which we’ve supported since 2002.

Deal structure and closure

Salas O’Brien can help you navigate complex transactions and achieve the best possible outcome by providing strategic advice, industry insights, and practical guidance throughout the process.

Facility occupancy optimization engineering

Salas O’Brien provides people counting solutions that are manufactured in the USA. We empower you to collect anonymous and continuous real-time data about your space’s occupancy so you can manage occupancy levels and reimagine your workplace. We deliver right-sized and inviting safe spaces that cost less to operate and maintain.

Facility replacement values calculations

Salas O’Brien helps government agencies calculates what it costs to replace a building if it were to go away. We know how to do bottoms-up estimates (best for critical facilities) and top-down estimates (best for your non-critical facilities) to provide government agencies a more accurate estimate of what it would cost to build a replacement facility that meets 21st century code, functionality (e.g. ADA), and performance requirements.

FAR and non-FAR based procurement solutions

Salas O’Brien helps clients access a variety of unconventional transactional tools which enable greater contracting flexibility and access to alternative sources of funding through public and private partnerships.

NEPA compliance

Salas O’Brien helps clients navigate the multi-step process of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). We can prepare the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which describes the potential environmental effects of your proposed project, as well as any potential alternatives to the project.

Public-private partnerships (P3)

Salas O’Brien facilitates access to alternative sources of funding through public-private partnerships.

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