We facilitate access to alternative sources of funding through public-private partnerships

Using public-private partnerships may be best when:

  • Appropriated funds are not available and/or the procurement approach is unclear
  • The requirement is new and/or the solution is not pre-defined
  • Requirements are time-sensitive and speed of delivery is critical
  • Potential partners have resources and similar requirements
  • Assets may be leveraged to offset costs.

In these situations, clients can use a variety of unconventional transactional tools which enable greater contracting flexibility and access to alternative sources of funding through public-private partnerships.

Salas O’Brien provides our clients with industry-leading experience and expertise to develop innovative, cost-effective and enduring solutions.

It’s important to have a trusted asset management advisory partner who can see opportunities and understand how to create long-term value using innovative solutions. Our team provides holistic, multi-disciplinary technical advice backed by proven experience and disciplined insights.

We work alongside our clients to help make sound planning decisions supported by comprehensive data-driven business case analytics and executable strategies. We carry out market due diligence using industry best practices while carefully considering environmental, social, and governance factors that move our clients forward with confidence towards a more sustainable future.

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