Advanced Analytical Tools

Salas O’Brien works with the Navy to upload and download large files, create data tables and reports, and analyze energy anomalies and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We have reconfigured software and added cybersecurity controls to meet the Navy’s requirements. In addition, the NAVFAC has begun gathering details regarding chiller control panel connectivity. After the installation of conduit and wiring by NAVFAC in early 2023, the final wiring will be tied into the DDC Panel. This project requires a lot of detailed planning to ensure this project runs smoothly due to a variety of activities such as engineering data analysis, customizing software solutions for security, coordinating with multiple stakeholders involved, including the Navy, procuring necessary equipment and materials, organizing visits for installations/updates according to design requirements, and having technical service personnel present during these visits.

Completion Year




Project Partners

Sparks Dynamics, Silonos