Wherever you are in your ESG journey, we meet you there —from strategy to implementation

Navigating the complex environmental, social, and governance (ESG) landscape can be daunting for companies seeking long-term growth through sustainable practices. Our team works closely with organizations in the public and private sectors to develop and implement ESG strategies.

Salas O’Brien’s team of experienced consultants can help you along your journey to ensure that you are able to make impactful decisions that surpass corporate commitments, better inform stakeholders, and create sustained value.

How Salas O’Brien can support your ESG process

Our team of experts provides ESG consulting that supports you at any phase. We can provide holistic solutions from strategy to implementation or targeted consultations for one or two steps of the process.

1.     Develop your ESG strategy

We engage with you and your stakeholders to identify and prioritize your goals, recognizing that an ESG strategy is unique to each company. Through insightful questions and discussions, we help you define where you want to be and set a practical plan to get there.

2.     Build your framework and benchmark

Whether looking to a reporting framework such as CDP, GRESB, or GRI; leaning to such third-party certifications as LEED, WELL, and JUST; or building your own path; we help you identify and execute on the issues that make a meaningful impact. We create a streamlined process for data collection so you can benchmark your progress and make informed decisions along the way.

3.    Communicate your story

We help you communicate where you are and where you are going to internal and external stakeholders, to ensure high levels of engagement and buy-in.

4.   Take action to meet your goals

Our wide range of services such as environmental consulting, geothermal and renewables, district energy systems, decarbonization and sustainability, and resource efficiency management ensures that we have the in-house expertise to enable you to take action to meet your goals.

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If you are new to the ESG conversation and are tasked with responding to questions about it with your team, we’ve created a quick conversation guide that explains what it is and why it matters.

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What we can offer

From developing your ESG strategy to facilitating net zero goals and everything in between, we offer a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions in ESG consulting when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

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Materiality assessment

A materiality assessment identifies the ESG issues that have the most significant impact on your organization and its stakeholders. This assessment helps you focus on the key areas where you can make the most meaningful impact.

ESG reporting

Salas O’Brien offers comprehensive solutions to help you report on data points like climate impact; carbon footprint; diversity, equity, & inclusion; board ethics; company culture; and more. This practice creates and maintains a practice of transparency that has been proven to improve public trust in companies regardless of industry or size.

Environmental consulting

Salas O’Brien identifies and mitigates the environmental impacts of projects. We also provide guidance on complying with environmental regulations and standards and help clients develop sustainability plans and initiatives, including certification for LEED, Fitwel, SITES, Well Building, Living Building Challenge (LBC), and Parksmart.

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Net zero sustainable architecture

Net zero architecture refers to a design that achieves an overall balance between the emissions produced and the emissions removed from a project site. At Salas O’Brien, our in-house architects have expertise producing multi-targeted net zero designs, helping our clients offset 100% of their operational energy through dynamic service offerings.

Environmental product declarations (EPD)

Environmental product declarations (EPD) communicate a product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle to end-users, architects, designers, procurement professionals, and consultants across the globe. Our team will walk you through the EPD process certification.

Energy modeling

Salas O’Brien joins you at the design phase to analyze your project’s energy production or use before it’s designed and built to optimize energy efficiency. Utilizing building energy modeling, our team calculates the predicted energy performance over time to develop integrated design solutions and cost savings.

Geothermal and renewables

Salas O’Brien is working in higher education, healthcare, corporate campuses, and with the federal government to transition to renewable energy sources.

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Decarbonization and sustainability

Salas O’Brien helps clients develop strategies and policies to transition from carbon-intensive to low-carbon energy sources.

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Resource efficiency management

Salas O’Brien provides energy audits and energy management plans. We can help you implement energy-efficient technologies and align policies to your goals.

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District energy systems

Salas O’Brien creates reliable, resilient, and sustainable district systems combining economical electrified thermal networks, thermal storage, energy recovery, cogeneration, and clean energy management.

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