Launch Complex 41 Modifications

Salas O’Brien provided comprehensive design and construction management for United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan launch site. Services included the design, engineering, and construction management of fuel and acoustical suppression water systems and engineering services for electrical, communication, fire protection, fixed water spray, storage vessel layout, environmental, and process piping. We also modified the existing liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen systems and the acoustic suppression water system. We led initial trade studies and analyses to determine ideal storage area configurations and tank placements. Thermal simulations were performed on cryogenic vacuum jacketed and mechanically insulated vent pipes to ensure structural support. Our detailed 3D model incorporated site 3D scans and point clouds to display each pipe route per slope requirements for highly-detailed shop drawings. During construction, our team provided requests for information and submittal reviews and conducted site visits to mitigate any issues or problems.

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$90 million

Project Partners

IMEG Corporation Hensel Phelps

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Nitrogen Pipe & Cryogenic Pipe Routing

Launch Complex