East Rail Maintenance Facility

The East Rail Maintenance Facility for GO Transit is invaluable to the Whitby, Ontario, community. It offers extensive mechanical maintenance, body repair, and comprehensive daily cleaning and operational services that ensure the region’s successful expansion of rail transport. This facility stands out with its impressive features, making it a leader in its field.

Salas O’Brien partnered with Infrastructure Ontario to provide structural engineering for the facility, ensuring the new facility supports the region’s growing rail network. With 18 storage tracks, six maintenance bays, and a range of other specialized capabilities, this facility is well-equipped to meet all the needs of GO Transit.

The steel structure utilized a combination of sway frames and conventional bracing to resist lateral loads caused by cranes and climatic forces. And the project required extensive coordination with rail operations, maintenance procedures, and mechanical and electrical requirements.



Completion Year



600,000 square feet


LEED Gold Certified