Petrochemical, Energy & Technology Center

A top ten community college and the nation’s second-largest producer of process operators—San Jacinto College has served the greater Houston area since 1961. With 90 companies and 132 plants nearby, the college partners with the nation’s largest petrochemical complex. The leadership of this venture partnered with Salas O’Brien to design systems that would support the main building with 35 labs, 20 interactive classrooms, four custom workstations, control rooms, and training/assembly spaces. Included is a separate 8,000-square-foot process training unit. Drawing on our broad experience with higher education technical facilities, our engineering team provided the project with cutting-edge mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering, and technology design for this project to provide students with the proper, hands-on training in these industries. The new, cutting-edge center is the premier training facility in the Gulf Coast Region, designed for hands-on training for real-world labs with the current industry needs to help San Jacinto College remain the status of “Energy Capital of the World.”

Completion Year



160,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$60 million