Grant Park Gateway

The City of Atlanta needed a new parking garage near Zoo Atlanta and the Beltline and saw an opportunity to simultaneously improve traffic flow and community safety in the busy area.
Instead of creating a traditional parking structure, the city invested in a multifunctional, sustainable space with 1,000 parking spaces across four levels. Salas O’Brien provided consulting services that helped the project achieve certification with LEED, SITES, and Parksmart.

With an appearance similar to a park rather than a structure for cars, the semi-underground garage is built into the landscape along a hillside leading to the zoo. A 2.5-acre green roof features a 4,000-square-foot restaurant along the park’s eastern edge.

The structure is a vast improvement over the previous 8-acre surface parking lot, boasting aesthetically attractive features like a shaded terrace plaza, water feature, and pedestrian overpass.

Completion Year



1000-Car Parking Garage

Project Partners

Winter Construction, HGOR, Smith Dalia Architects, Breedlove Land Planning, City of Atlanta Dept. of Parks and Recreation


LEED Silver