Soda Hall Roofing & Waterproofing

Salas O’Brien worked with the University of California Berkeley to restore the deteriorated roofing and plaza deck waterproofing of Soda Hall, a crucial center for biomedical research and computer science education plagued with chronic leaking. Our design provided a comprehensive solution, correcting the chronic leak problems and delivering UCB 20-year warranties for both roofing and waterproofing systems.

We investigated leakage and reviewed multiple solutions with UCB to achieve the most cost-effective and efficient materials to meet their needs. Our design improved the building’s safety and functionality by replacing the roof and deck waterproofing, existing planters, badly corroded steel supports, repairing windows and doors, and replacing and adding railings at the decks. Soda Hall is now a safer, waterproof, and reliable space for future generations of students and faculty to teach, research, and study.

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$1.1 million


13,000 square feet