Cheese Production Process Upgrades

Salas O’Brien partnered with a top cheese manufacturer to streamline their production process. Our client needed to rapidly cool 40-pound cheese blocks without using traditional cartons or cases, thereby reducing waste and related costs. To address this, our team implemented four customized robotic cells that automated the entire process. We meticulously planned and executed each step, from loading the cheese blocks into reusable trays to quickly cooling them, palletizing, and restacking empty trays.

In addition, we led equipment procurement, project and construction management, electrical and mechanical design, PLC and HMI programming, and provided start-up and commissioning support. Our collaborative approach and turnkey method allowed us to execute this complex installation plan in phases without causing any disruptions to the client’s daily operations. As a result, our client’s manufacturing process became more efficient, sustainable, and significantly more cost-effective.

Completion Year


Construction cost

$7.6 million

Project Partners

Eland Electric, Revolution Industrial Services


Pounds Maximum daily cheese production capability
Pounds of cheese waste reduced daily