In the latest episode of the Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse podcast, Salas O’Brien cybersecurity experts Dave Jennings and Steve Carroll dive deep into the vulnerabilities of building automation systems and the measures needed to protect them.

Listen to the podcast for:

  • Risk to buildings and the impact to human safety (4:45)
  • How Dave Jennings and Steve Carroll got into cybersecurity (7:36)
  • Specific cybersecurity risks associated with buildings (10:30)
  • What are some of the most frequent questions you get about cybersecurity for business automation systems (13:35)
  • How do you conduct a risk assessment for building cybersecurity? (16:17)
  • Standards for building system cybersecurity (16:40)
  • What happens when building systems are compromised (19:46)
  • Challenges of legacy systems with new building systems (23:26)
  • How does AI play into this? (28:00)
  • What is your team doing with incident scenarios in the OT environment? (32:06)
  • What are the best practices for cybersecurity for building automation cybersecurity (35:11)
  • Providing a complete program to defend entire systems (40:01)
  • Final takeaways (40:45)

Much appreciation to the dynamic duo Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall for their engaging hosting that keeps the conversation both informative and accessible.

Don’t miss out on these vital insights—listen to the podcast today for key insights on defending building systems against the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.

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Dave Jennings, PE, CISA

Dave Jennings, PE, CISA

Dave Jennings is an industrial cybersecurity consultant who works closely with clients to improve and innovate their industrial controls systems (ICS). His main optimization areas of focus are: SCADA controls and visualization, ICS networking, cybersecurity, and data collection and reporting. Dave provides consulting and audits. He serves as an Associate Vice President at Salas O’Brien. Contact him at [email protected].

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Steve Carroll, MBA, CxA, LEED AP

Steve Carroll, MBA, CxA, LEED AP

Steve Carroll is a Principal and the Director of Commissioning at Salas O’Brien. As a Commissioning Authority, Steve identifies potential issues before they become problems and increases value for his clients. He also specializes in cybersecurity for building systems, providing systems monitoring to keep alternate attack vectors secure. As a leader, Steve is focused on mentoring, coaching, and developing his team to achieve continuous improvement. He holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Contact him at [email protected].

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