New Battery Energy Storage System

The Borough of South River wanted to establish a reliable energy source that was optimized for price stability. Salas O’Brien provided design services, and AEP OnSite Solutions and Crowder Construction helped the town connect a battery energy storage system to the local power substation.

The 10MW/15MWh system provides nearly 50 percent of peak power needs for South River’s 16,000 residents. The lithium-ion-based technology allows South River to capture energy during low-cost times when energy surplus is available, then discharge the stored energy later during peak hours when energy costs rise.

As the composition of the electric grid includes more cyclical generation sources like solar and wind, South River is now prepared to assist in stabilizing the grid and manage fluctuating energy costs.

Completion Year


Project Partners

AEP OnSite Partners, Crowder Construction

The start of commercial operations for the South River battery storage project is a significant milestone for South River, and we are proud to celebrate this achievement with our neighbors, friends, and partners who made this a reality.
John KrenzelCouncil Member, Borough of South River