Maple Processing and Bottling Facility

Appalaches Nature needed to scale up production with a new processing and bottling facility to meet growing demand as sales increased in Europe and the United States.

The facility is equipped with the latest production and bottling technologies and can produce up to 200,000 bottles per day. Salas O’Brien engineered a precise temperature control process for product safety to maintain high-quality standards throughout production. We also developed processes for cleaning, filtering, and circulation controls, three separate packaging line designs, all electrical and controls design, and utilities, including compressed air, cooling water, chiller, and boiler room.

In addition, we designed the facility according to LEED criteria, and the plant is the first carbon-neutral maple syrup bottling facility in Canada.

Completion Year



100,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$32 million

Project Partner

Frare & Gallant GC