Soy Protein Concentrate Production Increase

A major soy protein producer wanted to increase Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC) plant capacity but needed help defining facility requirements, equipment, and processes. They aimed to upgrade the extraction department, construct a new protein alcohol extraction/concentration plant, and increase extrusion capacity.

Salas O’Brien provided strategic project management by developing a Process Flow Diagram (PFD) to map out all processes, reviewing with the client to ensure that it achieved targeted throughput for their product and supported future expanded scope.

The PFD also defined capacity requirements for handling various byproducts, such as warehouse storage space, size of rail car fleet, and oil production needs. Throughout this project, our team mitigated risk by using agile engineering techniques. As a result, our external expertise and specialized guidance allowed the client’s in-house engineering teams to focus on other plant process improvements.

Project Completion


Construction Cost

$300 Million