We optimize industrial processes and improve efficiency

Salas O’Brien listens to you to understand your context and objectives. We then work with you to develop detailed process flow, design and select equipment, specify instrumentation and controls, and integrate the various components of the process into a cohesive system. We also provide commissioning, start-up, and ongoing process optimization to ensure the system operates at peak performance.

What we can offer

From initial consultation to full specification and construction facilitation, we offer a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

Process engineering

Salas O’Brien provides the provides design and optimization services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial processes.

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Balance of plant

Salas O’Brien provides the necessary engineering support for the installation and integration of various systems in power generation plants, such as power distribution systems and cooling water systems.

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Operations & maintenance

Salas O’Brien provides support to ensure that equipment and systems are properly maintained, operated, and optimized for peak performance and reliability.

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Digital & automation

Salas O’Brien designs and implements advanced digital solutions and automation technologies to improve the efficiency and performance of industrial processes.

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Packaging systems

Salas O’Brien provides design and integration services for packaging systems, including everything from product handling and filling to labeling and palletizing.

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Bulk material handling

Salas O’Brien provides design and engineering services to optimize the movement of materials through various industrial processes, such as mining, milling, and manufacturing.

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