R&D Expansion

Salas O’Brien collaborated with a confidential client to double the size of their R&D facility in order to meet the demands of new product development. The major challenge was to devise a plan that would enable the existing facility to continue operations during the expansion process.

Working closely with the client, our team quickly developed several options for expanding their facility and vetted them to narrow down the optimal plan. We listened to their needs and designed a solution that included multiple working laboratories, common space amenities, additional office space, and a new entrance/atrium space.

Given the owner’s expedited timeline, we realized a design-build project was the best option. We partnered with the owner and Skanska to develop a target project budget and negotiated the contracts while completing the final design. In addition, we released design packages as soon as we finalized them to stay on track.




15,000 square feet


$10.9 million