Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility (Project Faith)

Salas O’Brien and our team of experts worked with BioMarin to construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing lab in only eleven months, creating the first permission bundle in less than two months. Furthermore, our team was able to keep within the constraints of the building’s original design while reinforcing its seismic capabilities and roof system.

The project incorporated clean rooms, dry and wet labs as well as mechanical perimeter platforms. Additionally, we designed a walkable ceiling system that enabled maintenance workers to access the top of the clean room during construction and maintenance operations without any risk or delays. We were successful in meeting all requirements set out by BioMarin, completing the project on time with no complications.

ISPE 2018 FOYA Project Execution Award
ENR Magazine’s California Regional Award of Merit in Manufacturing



Completion Year


Project Partners

CRB, NOVO Construction