Bottling Operations Relocation and Upgrade

Salas O’Brien provided engineering and design services to relocate bottling operations for a confidential bourbon distillery. The project involved relocating an existing bottling operation from its current location to an existing building on the site. To achieve this, we designed two building additions to accommodate the relocation, including process equipment, warehousing for raw materials and finished products, short-term product storage, a Quality Control lab, office space, and employee welfare areas. Our team handled the conceptual, definition, and detailed design, including an overhead pipeline over 2,000 feet to transport the product from the production areas to the new bottling lines.

As part of the project’s success criteria, the project maintained product quality, reduced product loss, provided an excellent tourist experience, improved process operability, and preserved the intangible heritage of the site.

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$40 million


12 acre