Optimize Capital Use

Salas O’Brien collaborated with our client to optimize their capital by enhancing efficiency. We employed simulation-led design to achieve this goal, crafting a blueprint that allowed them to streamline their facilities from 52 to 26 while still meeting volume forecasts.

Our teams of packaging and material handling specialists skillfully utilized simulations to develop a proof of concept for this innovative design. Armed with this blueprint, our specialists meticulously analyzed process and production data to devise optimal automation layouts.

With our comprehensive master plan in hand, we stand ready to support our client in implementing gradual changes over the next few years, paving the way for a cutting-edge network of factories. This connected manufacturing and operational support model will become a catalyst for transformation change and innovation, propelling this major consumer brand towards a successful future..


Packaging Systems, Digital & Automation, Advanced Technologies & Robotics, Process Engineering

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$1 million