Malton Youth Hub Renovations

Salas O’Brien partnered with the City of Mississauga to convert the former Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School pool into a Community Hub. The renovation project involved several vital elements, including a partial addition to the second floor and necessary structural upgrades incorporated into the building.

We designed upgrades to the new layout of the building, including upgrades to the common area, a commercial kitchen, and facility support rooms. In addition, we installed a two-stop elevator to ensure full accessibility to the new second floor.

Furthermore, the renovation project will optimize daylighting by providing full-height exterior glazing, allowing natural light to illuminate the interior spaces. Accommodating these changes required structural modifications to the base building in major program areas. Lastly, we reconfigured the existing low-roof room to incorporate a clerestory space, further enhancing the availability of natural light.



Completion Year


Construction Cost

$12.6 million CAD


18,000 square feet.

Project Partners

Cellucci + Pace Architects