Lactose Powder Packaging Dust Collector System Update

Salas O’Brien partnered with one of the largest cheese companies in the United States to evaluate the safety and compliance of their lactose dust collector system. Over time, significant modifications had been made to the suction ductwork and dust collector, rendering the system non-compliant with safety standards. As a result, there was a pressing need to redesign the ductwork and replace the dust collector with one that met the necessary explosion and fire safety requirements outlined by the NFPA.

After conducting a Dust Hazard Analysis, we recommended installing safety equipment, including explosion venting, flame absorber, explosion isolation valve, and explosion-proof rotary valve. By implementing the recommended safety measures, we were able to mitigate the risk of an explosion and fire propagation, ensuring the protection of employees and equipment from damages associated with a fire or explosion.

Completion Year


Construction Cost