Hyperscale Data Center Build-Out

Salas O’Brien assisted a client in fast-tracking the construction of a 150MW hyperscale data center with advanced electrical and cooling systems. The data center has complete electrical systems with N+1 reliability, from the utility to individual connections. In addition, our site planning services included a private substation. The facility can accommodate future onsite utility-scale battery generation. It features a 36,000-ton chilled water plant that uses high-efficiency centrifugal water-cooled chillers, open-circuit cooling towers, and plate and frame heat exchangers for waterside economizing and thermal energy storage. The chilled water plant operates in economizer mode for a larger portion of the year using an elevated chilled water temperature. Local officials fast-tracked design team progress submissions via an over-the-shoulder review process for temporary construction permits within weeks of project kickoff. Our rapid design allowed all equipment to be ordered and drawings to be approved before a permit was issued, which allowed the data center to come online within ten weeks of project kickoff.




360,000 square feet