Mobile Switching Center Rollout

Whether sending an imperative work email, scrolling through news feeds, or simply calling home — telecommunications providers make every user connection possible. This recurring Fortune 50 telecommunications client routes data through switching centers strategically positioned nationwide. These hubs are the brains that keep data flowing smoothly among users, requiring faultless design and security.

Salas O’Brien partnered with this Fortune 50 telecom company for their Mobile Switching Center (MSC) rollout, including mechanical, electrical, architectural, and interior design, and construction administration. As a trusted partner, we design and accommodate temperature control infrastructure, backup systems, and access control to ensure each facility is reliable and secure.

Our team’s design and care keep each MSC’s critical equipment safe from potential disaster while accommodating switching equipment and administrative space.

Completion Year

2004 – Present

Construction Cost

$20 – 30 million