Turnkey Data Center Program

Salas O’Brien and Oppidan have partnered on a nationwide data center roll-out program for a big hitter in the tech industry (confidential client). Oppidan specializes in Corporate Built-to-suit projects, including data centers, and was impressed by our expertise in this building type through a previous partnership on a data center in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our team created two scalable prototype designs (5-MW & 10-MW) for roll-out simultaneously across multiple geographic locations. We designed the footprint and interior floor plan to remain the same for all projects, built out in five phases. The shell design is tilt-up or precast concrete with flexibility to respond to jurisdictional design criteria, allowing for individualization at each site while maintaining the same program and plan design, thus streamlining the document preparation process and reducing costs in design and construction. Construction on the first round of Data Centers is underway in Columbus, OH, Des Moines, IA, Kansas City, KS, and Memphis, TN. Oppidan is currently evaluating multiple cities for the next round of projects, with construction anticipated to begin in 2024.




Multiple prototypes: 60,000-100,000 square feet each