Cutino Park Improvements

When David Cutino Park, a beloved community hub, needed a transformation, Salas O’Brien partnered with Verde Design to bring new life to the park. With a keen eye for detail and innovative engineering solutions, our team provided electrical engineering and architectural design to create an entirely new experience for park-goers.

Our electrical team assessed the park’s existing system and devised a new design for power and lighting distribution, ensuring seamless connectivity for the storage facility, restrooms, concession stand, batting cages, pathways, and parking lot and identified the best placement for low voltage systems, such as telephone and data. As part of our architectural services, we converted the old restroom facility into a modern storage space, designed new men’s and women’s restrooms, and created a new concession stand. In addition, we ensured that our designs were ADA-compliant and delivered top-notch construction documents for bidding. Bring high-quality design and engineering to our communities.

Completion Year


Project Partner

Verde Design

Construction Cost

$ 3.7 million


6.6 acres


2020 APWA Project of the Year Award, Historical Restoration/Preservation

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