Q2 Stadium

Q2 Stadium, home of the MLS Austin FC, is a celebration of soccer, food, drink, and camaraderie in a stadium built to accommodate 20,500 people.

Our scope included acoustics, audio, data/IT, and video. We paid special attention to technology design for the game-day experience and the stadium’s flexible use as a non-traditional event venue. When not used for Austin FC games, it provides another premier location for entertainment, leisure, and outdoor activities.

At the beginning of the project, we established existing background noise levels and modeled the impact of mechanical, crowd, and sound system noise onto the adjacent properties. Our acoustics expertise and input on the roof canopy resulted in the sound created by fervent fans being redirected back into the stadium to create a home-field advantage.

Completion Year



465,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$200 million

Project Partners

Gensler, Austin Commercial

A full house with incredible supporters accompanied by pretty well engineered stadium acoustics that can naturally amplify the impact of our supporters, who are already in close proximity to the pitch, can ultimately lead to the creation of an intimidating in-stadium atmosphere for our opponents.
Andy LoughnanePresident, Austin FC