AISD New Athletics Complex

Salas O’Brien designed the Arlington ISD Athletic Complex to meet the rigorous standards of the University Interscholastic League (UIL), the largest primary and secondary school competition administrative organization in the country.

The arena seats 1,200 spectators with ample support areas. We designed the acoustics and audio systems for speech intelligibility. The natatorium required specialized treatments and technology to withstand the high humidity within the space. In the gymnasium, lapendary panels minimize noise build-up.

The complex’s acoustics, audio/visual, data, security systems, and video control room were all designed to support UIL media activity. In addition to webcast events, the control room allows for live or pre-produced high definition broadcasts.

Completion Year



98,446 square feet

Construction Cost

$9.8 million


Texas Association of School Administrators Star of Distinction

2022-23 Exhibit of School Architecture

Project Photography

Chad Davis


Seat Arena/ Natatorium

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