Washington Monument Commissioning

The Washington Monument, a structure created to honor George Washington, required a new security screening facility for visitors and an updated elevator. Before allowing visitors back in, the National Park Service needed to ensure that the monument was safe and functional.

Salas O’Brien provided commissioning services for the new screening facility, ensuring compliance with all relevant guidelines and standards, such as ASHRAE, NIBS, LEED, and NPS Sustainability Standards. Our team developed a plan, coordinated with contractors, conducted pre-functional inspections, oversaw testing, adjusting, and balancing, and participated in performance tests. Salas O’Brien optimized the facility’s geothermal heat pump heating and cooling system to ensure peak performance and occupant comfort in the facility. The team commissioned the facility’s fire alarm and lighting controls systems, before visitors could regain access to the world’s tallest freestanding stone structure.



Completion Year


Construction Cost

$11 million

Project Partner

Alpha Corporation