New Cogeneration Central Plant

Salas O’Brien is partnering with Santa Rosa Junior College to build a new cogeneration plant to replace one lost in a fire. Our team of experts went above and beyond, conducting initial analysis, fieldwork, and equipment/data reviews to create a comprehensive plan of action. This plan incorporates environmental considerations and cost-effective design. It aligns with the college’s 2030 MEP Master Plan Report goals of achieving carbon neutrality and zero net energy consumption while reducing utility reliance.

We didn’t stop there. Our engineers provided top-notch mechanical, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, and controls-related design, taking the project to 100% construction documents. The finished central plant will serve as a hands-on learning experience for students and staff, becoming a true “living lab.” Salas O’Brien now provides construction administration support and commissioning to bring this innovative project to life.

Completion Year



3,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$11 million

Project Partner

CA Architects

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