New Cogeneration Central Plant

Salas O’Brien is partnering with Santa Rosa Junior College to build a new cogeneration plant to replace one lost in a fire. Our team of experts went above and beyond, conducting initial analysis, fieldwork, and equipment/data reviews to create a comprehensive plan of action. This plan incorporates environmental considerations and cost-effective design. It aligns with the college’s 2030 MEP Master Plan Report goals of achieving carbon neutrality and zero net energy consumption while reducing utility reliance.

Our engineers provided top-notch mechanical, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, and controls-related design, taking the project to 100% construction documents. The finished central plant will serve as a hands-on learning experience for students and staff, becoming a true “living lab.” Salas O’Brien now provides construction administration support and commissioning to bring this innovative project to life.

Completion Year



3,000 square feet

Construction Cost

$11 million

Project Partner

CA Architects