Each project has its own requirements and solutions to meet them

Salas O’Brien’s process engineering team covers all aspects of engineering and integration of sanitary processes in the food industry and complex handling and packaging of the manufacturing industry—and we listen to you.

From the design of a complete and complex process, through the management of all the processes and utilities of a new plant, to the simple replacement of a filter or an exchanger, our team masters the understanding of your needs and the realization of your projects.

We are able to control all the steps of a project to offer you a complete service that meets your needs: Feasibility study, preliminary engineering, detailed design, P&ID, 2D/3D implementation plan, competitive bidding, site supervision, start-up assistance. We are here to manage your projects from conception to commissioning.

What we can offer

From initial consultation to full specification and construction facilitation, we offer a complete array of services, including the development of advanced and often groundbreaking solutions when conventional approaches can’t deliver quality results.

Feasibility studies and preliminary engineering

Salas O’Brien examines the technical, economic, and logistical factors to determine if a project is achievable. We also provide the initial phase of engineering where basic design decisions are made, and early calculations and analysis are performed to determine the feasibility of a project.

Detailed design and P&ID

Salas O’Brien provides the comprehensive and detailed design of a project, including all aspects of engineering, materials, and construction, including a process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) that includes pipes, valves, equipment, and instrumentation.

2D/3D implementation plan

Salas O’Brien will deliver a plan that outlines how the design will be translated into a physical product, often including 2D and 3D renderings and models to help visualize the final outcome.

Competitive bidding

Salas O’Brien leads the RFP process to solicit multiple bids from contractors or vendors. We respond to bidder questions and help you analyze the bids to make a selection.

Site supervision

Salas O’Brien provides oversight during construction, including monitoring progress, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and resolving any issues that arise.

Start-up assistance

Salas O’Brien provides support including testing, debugging, and troubleshooting to ensure that the systems operate as intended.