Playa Vista Medical Office Building

Kaiser Permanente’s vision of a functional, beautiful, and environmentally-friendly facility has become a reality with the help of our electrical engineering team. Salas O’Brien worked with our client to design the medical office building with advanced technology such as the NextGen healthcare IT platform, self-service express check-in kiosks, and exam rooms with ‘smart chairs’ capable of measuring weight and blood pressure, which can transform into an exam table. To ensure energy efficiency, we installed LED lighting throughout the building. Playa Vista offers services from primary care to laboratory and imaging tests to women’s and behavioral health – all within the same facility. In addition, we designed the pediatric unit specifically for the well-being of children; the sick and well-child waiting rooms are equipped with negative reverse air technology to keep germs at bay. Our team achieved an impeccable standard that allowed Kaiser Permanente to combine all these services under one roof while also creating efficiencies in time, energy, and cost.

Completion Year


Construction Cost

$13.8 million


35,000 square feet

Project Partner